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Contemporary Language Motivation Theory 60 Years Since Gardner and Lambert (1959)

Edited by: Ali H. Al-Hoorie, Peter D. MacIntyre | Paperback | 9781788925181

This book brings together contributions from the leaders of the language learning motivation field. The varied chapters demonstrate how Gardner’s work remains integral to a diverse range of contemporary theoretical issues underlying the psychology of language, even today, 60 years after the publication of Gardner and Lambert’…

The Coral Way Bilingual Program

Author: Maria R. Coady | Paperback | 9781788924566

This book introduces readers to the first publicly funded, two-way bilingual program in the United States, Coral Way Elementary School. It details the historical, social and political origins of the school; reviews the various discussions and conceptualization of the bilingual education program as a 50:50 model; and describes the trainin…

Learning and Using Languages in Ethnographic Research

Edited by: Robert Gibb, Annabel Tremlett, Julien Danero Iglesias | Paperback | 9781788925907

<em>Learning and Using Languages in Ethnographic Research </em>breaks the silence that still surrounds learning a language for ethnographic research and in the process demystifies some of the multilingual aspects of contemporary ethnographic work. It does this by offering a set of engaging and accessible accounts of …

Multilingualism, (Im)mobilities and Spaces of Belonging

Edited by: Kristine Horner, Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain | Paperback | 9781788925037

Certain forms of mobility and multilingualism tend to be portrayed as problematic in the public sphere, while others are considered to be unremarkable. Divided into three thematic sections, this book explores the contestation of spaces and the notion of borders, examines the ways in which heritage and authenticity are linked or challenge…

Second Language Writing Instruction in Global Contexts English Language Teacher Preparation and Development

Edited by: Lisya Seloni, Sarah Henderson Lee | Paperback | 9781788925853

This book revisits second language (L2) writing teacher education by exploring the complex layers of L2 writing instruction in non-English dominant contexts (i.e.…

Choosing a Mother Tongue The Politics of Language and Identity in Ukraine

Author: Corinne A. Seals | Hardback | 9781788924993

This book presents a sociocultural linguistic analysis of discourses of conflict, as well as an examination of how linguistic identity is embodied, negotiated and realized during a time of war. It provides new insights regarding multilingualism among Ukrainians in Ukraine and in the diaspora of New Zealand, the US and Canada, and sheds l…

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Are Spanish L1 Users More Direct than English L1 Users in the Workplace?

We recently published Exploring Politeness in Business Emails by Vera Freytag. In this post the author explains what inspired her to write the book. For several decades, there has been the view in cross-cultural pragmatics that Spanish L1 users reveal a higher level of directness than English L1 users, irrespective of a particular language variety. … Continue reading Are Spanish L1 Users More Direct than English L1 Users in the Workplace?

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