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Narratives of East Asian Women Teachers of English Where Privilege Meets Marginalization

Author: Gloria Park | Hardback | 9781783098729

This book is a powerful narrative of how six women experienced their lives alongside their desire to overcome the challenging and empowering nature of the English language. The volume shares who they are as transnational and mobile women living in the midst of linguistic privilege and marginalization.…

Taking Chinese to the World Language, Culture and Identity in Confucius Institute Teachers

Author: Wei Ye | Hardback | 9781783098637

In this book the author explores the work and living experiences of Confucius Institute Chinese teachers (CICTs) in the UK, how they interpret and make sense of their sojourning experience, and how this context and the wider globalised social environment have impacted on their understandings and their personal growth. Because of their betwixt and between situation, the CICTs’ stories differ from those of other immigrants, interna…

Going Performative in Intercultural Education International Contexts, Theoretical Perspectives and Models of Practice

Edited by: John Crutchfield, Manfred Schewe | Hardback | 9781783098545

Over the last two decades drama pedagogy has helped to lay the foundations for a new teaching and learning culture, one that accentuates physicality and centres on performative experience. Signs of this ‘performative turn’ in education are especially strong in the field of foreign/second language teaching.…

Race and Ethnicity in English Language Teaching Korea in Focus

Author: Christopher Joseph Jenks | Paperback | 9781783098415

This book examines racism and racialized discourses in the ELT profession in South Korea. The book is informed by a number of different critical approaches to race and discourse, and the discussions contained in the chapters offer one way of exploring how the ELT profession can be understood from such perspectives.…

Becoming Diasporically Moroccan Linguistic and Embodied Practices for Negotiating Belonging

Author: Lauren Wagner | Hardback | 9781783098354

Questions persist about post-migrant generations and their sense of belonging in one homeland or another. As descendants of migrants, ‘second’ and further generations often struggle to establish an unproblematic belonging in/to a resident homeland, as the place where they live and work but are often categorized as ‘outsiders’.…

Connecting Language and Disciplinary Knowledge in English for Specific Purposes Case Studies in Law

Author: Alissa J. Hartig | Hardback | 9781783098507

How are language and disciplinary knowledge connected in the English for Legal Purposes (ELP) classroom, and how far should ELP practitioners go in supporting students’ acquisition of the conceptual frameworks that shape the genres they are learning? This book presents a pedagogical model for incorporating these conceptual frameworks into disciplinary language instruction and follows four focal participants as they learn to read …

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The Impact of Neoliberalism on Education and Language Learning

This month we are publishing Language, Education and Neoliberalism edited by Mi-Cha Flubacher and Alfonso Del Percio. In this post the editors explain how the book came about and touch on its main themes. Nowadays cuts in spending, austerity plans and restructuring of the public sector have become commonplace for a large part of the world […]

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