Brokering Britain, Educating Citizens Exploring ESOL and Citizenship Edited by: Melanie Cooke, Rob Peutrell

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30 Sep 2019
Language, Mobility and Institutions
210 x 148


This book addresses the politically charged issue of citizenship and English language learning among adult migrants in the UK. Whilst citizenship learning is inherent in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), the book argues that top-down approaches and externally-designed curricula are not a productive or useful approach. Meaningful citizenship education in adult ESOL is possible, however, if it brings social and political content centre-stage alongside pedagogy which develops the capabilities for active, grassroots, participatory citizenship. The chapters deliver a detailed examination of citizenship and ESOL in the UK. They address a range of community and college-based settings and the needs and circumstances of different groups of ESOL students, including refugees, migrant mothers, job seekers and students with mental health needs. The book draws attention to the crucial role of ESOL teachers as ‘brokers of citizenship’ mediating between national policy and the experiences and needs of adult migrant students. The book links together language pedagogy and citizenship theory with the practical concerns of ESOL teachers and students. 


What is citizenship; and can the concept be a critical resource for progressive ESOL teachers? This vivid and engaging book addresses these urgent questions, combining principles with practicality and politics. Rarely has the discussion of citizenship been more significant than now and rarely has a book been more necessary. For anyone interested in ESOL and for anyone interested in what it is to be a citizen, this collection is an important and inspiring read.

- Kevin Orr, University of Huddersfield, UK

Author Biography:

Melanie Cooke is a Lecturer in ESOL and Applied Linguistics, in the Department of Education, Communication and Society at King’s College, London, UK. She taught both EFL and ESOL before becoming a researcher.

Rob Peutrell is an ESOL lecturer at Nottingham College, Nottingham, UK. He has taught both EFL and ESOL, and worked as a learning support lecturer.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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