Youth Tourism to Israel Educational Experiences of the Diaspora Author: Erik H. Cohen

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23 Apr 2008
Tourism and Cultural Change
Channel View Publications
210 x 148


This book is a cumulative analysis of an international, longitudinal study of a tour program which brings Jewish youth from around the world to Israel. It is a case study of the longest running and most thoroughly documented, intentionally organized heritage tour program in existence, including a wealth of data never previously published. Issues central to Jewish studies are explored in depth, including cross-cultural analysis of the impact and meaning of the program in Jewish communities around the world. Additionally, it touches on core issues related to identity in the post-modern era, the sociology of contemporary tourism, and informal education and adolescent psychology and sociology. The book is relevant to researchers, professionals and university students in the fields of Jewish studies and tourism.


Youth Tourism to Israel is a meticulous account of an educational effort that began as 'topping', but has become a major ingredient in molding identities among Jewish youngsters in the Diaspora.

- Harvey E. Goldberg, Hebrew University, Israel

Youth Tourism to Israel is a highly consequential contribution to scholarly research and education. It skillfully interweaves concepts, theories, and empirical data related to youth and educational travel, diaspora and migration, religion and culture, and heritage in general, creating an essential tome for scholars with interests in any of these subfields of tourism studies.

- Professor Dallen J. Timothy, Brigham Young University, USA

Author Biography:

Dr. Erik H. Cohen has conducted numerous international studies in the fields of Jewish education, Jewish identity, Israel-Diaspora relations, and youth culture. He has a special interest in the Facet Theory approach of data design and analysis. He has been widely published in these fields, including several books published in French and Hebrew. He is a senior lecturer in the School of Education at Bar Ilan University and Director of the Research & Evaluation Group, based at Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Erik H. Cohen was born in Morocco, raised in France, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 22.

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General, Research / Professional, Undergraduate

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