Human Resources and Tourism Skills, Culture and Industry Author: Darren Lee-Ross, Josephine Pryce

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07 May 2010
Aspects of Tourism Texts
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The tourism industry provides employment for literally millions of individuals. Despite global recessions, terrorist attacks and other catastrophes this is likely to remain unchanged in the long-term. Resilience of this nature helps tourism remain a major global employer in both developed and emerging economies. The important role played by tourism workers cannot be overstated; some argue that they actually define the product on offer. Accordingly, mediocre or poor performance gives rise to an unremarkable service experience or one to which customers would not return willingly. The inextricable link between the calibre and performance of staff and service delivery is a key issue for human resources management. This challenge is further complicated by a number of structural characteristics including: dominance of unaffiliated small to medium-sized organizations; high levels of labour turnover; and a heterogeneous workforce with individuals having a wide variety of cultural differences and employment aspirations. This book accounts for the above factors using an approach which is part prescriptive and part enquiry or research-oriented. In doing so, espoused 'HRM convention' may be understood against 'HRM in practice'. Additionally, by using this method we hope to instil a sense of enquiry in the reader. This is a necessary intellectual asset for the future and will also allow the individual to make a positive contribution in the workplace.


This book is a very valuable addition to the range of texts which address the vital area of HRM for the international tourism industry and will be welcomed by students, teachers and practitioners. This is a meticulously researched text, which focuses on contemporary issues as they impact upon work in the sector. The text provides a real sense of the industry's international reach, with examples and varied cases drawn from all corners of the globe. The authors present their material in a reader-friendly style and make excellent use of a range of in-text techniques that will stimulate further research and debate.

- Tom Baum, University of Strathclyde, UK

Author Biography:

Darren Lee-Ross is an Associate Professor of Management and currently lectures and researches at James Cook University, Australia and has taught business subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels across a number of universities internationally. His research interests include human resources management, entrepreneurship and small business management and organizational behaviour. Darren has published refereed business articles in a wide range of academic journals and written eight business-related text books. He is currently an editorial member of three business and tourism/hospitality journals and regularly reviews manuscripts for other leading academic business publications.

Josephine Pryce is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business at James Cook University. She has always been concerned with the working lives of employees and is especially interested in factors within the workplace that affect workersâ?? performance. Her research parallels these interests and has resulted in several articles with a focus on employeesâ?? attitudes in the workplace, organisational environments and occupational culture. Josephine has also taught and coordinated various subjects in the areas of hospitality, tourism and management.

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