Archaeology and Tourism Touring the Past Edited by: Dallen J. Timothy, Lina G. Tahan

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10 Jun 2020
Tourism and Cultural Change
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This book provides a global and thematic examination of the relationships between archaeology and tourism, and a critical analysis of thinking in the area of archaeology-based tourism. It focuses on the differences and similarities between archaeology-based tourism and heritage tourism and highlights the interdependence and dissonance between tourism and archaeology and archaeological traditions. The volume offers a systematic investigation of current issues and implications in the relationship between tourism and archaeology from both tourism and archaeological perspectives. It is a key academic resource for students, researchers and practitioners in tourism, archaeology, cultural heritage management and anthropology.


At last, a scholarly discussion on archaeology-based tourism! This wonderful collection of chapters is thought-provoking and a welcome addition to the literature. The discussion is concise, comprehensive and challenging. A key element of the discourse is a call for the tourism industry to respect archaeological resources by using them respectfully and sustainably. A must-have addition to any serious collection of scholarly books on tourism.

- Bruce Prideaux, Central Queensland University, Australia

This volume will certainly appeal to anyone interested in the role of tourism in protecting and promoting archaeological heritage assets. Contributors from both tourism studies and archaeology raise important dialogue about the fundamental relationships between tourism and archaeology of critical relevance today, making this an important read for scholars, practitioners and communities alike.

- Alison McIntosh, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

This highly readable collection of essays brings together well-crafted and insightful viewpoints concerning the integration of tangible and built heritage within the practices of tourism. The volume deepens knowledge about archaeo-tourism, illicit trade, nation-building, mass tourism and the ongoing politics of representation. It is a terrific and much-needed resource – particularly given the lack of academic attention the relationship between tourism and archaeology has thus far received.

- Emma Waterton, Western Sydney University, Australia

Author Biography:

Dallen J. Timothy is Professor, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University, USA. His research interests include heritage tourism, geopolitics and sovereignty, international borders, religious tourism and community empowerment.

Lina G. Tahan is Affiliated Scholar, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK. Her research interests include archaeological museums in the Middle East, the role of museums in fostering understanding in divided societies, heritage in the Arab World and tourism in developing countries.

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