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Managing Staff Development in Schools Edited by: Pamela Lomax

Paperback - 120 pages
29 Jun 1990
Multilingual Matters
210 x 148


This book contains accounts written by teacher researchers who were using action research to improve management practices in their schools and colleges particularly in relation to the development of staff in schools. The focus of the book is on what goes on in schools although several of its authors work on the outside of schools. Part Two of the book (Chapters 2-5) is intended to raise issues to do with teacher action research as a method for developing a school staff and is written by teachers who are not normally working full time in schools. Part Three of the book (Chapters 6-10) contains accounts written by school teachers who were managing change in particular school contexts and for whom a major part of the work involved staff development. It also raises issues to do with the national curriculum in science and mathematics, involving parents in teaching core subjects in the infants school and working to support teachers in their classrooms, and managing staff development for school closure.

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