From Principles to Practice in Education for Intercultural Citizenship Edited by: Michael Byram, Irina Golubeva, Han Hui, Manuela Wagner

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01 Nov 2016
Multilingual Matters
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The contributors to this volume have collaborated to present their work on introducing competences in intercultural communication and citizenship into foreign language education. The book examines how learners and teachers think about citizenship and interculturality, and shows how teachers and researchers from primary to university education can work together across continents to develop new curricula and pedagogy. This involves the creation of a new theory of intercultural citizenship and a procedure for implementation. The book is written by teacher researchers who aim to help other teachers, and concludes with reflections on the lessons they have learnt which will help others to implement these ideas in their own practice. The book is essential reading for foreign language educators and researchers, students in pre-service teacher training and teachers in in-service training.


This book offers educators an approach to developing ‘intercultural citizenship’ and illustrates ways in which teachers and learners can cooperate to develop an openness and willingness to learn about others and to resolve conflicts peacefully. The world today desperately needs more citizens competent to do just this.

- Alvino E. Fantini, School for International Training, USA

Foreign language education for intercultural citizenship is a bold and beautiful idea. Those who care about globalisation and its consequences, and foreign language education and its cultural dimensions, are strongly advised to read this book and join Michael Byram's global club of teacher-researchers who have the vision and courage to implement that bold and beautiful idea in the classroom.

- Youzhong Sun, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China

This international research-led anthology – on teaching and learning about intercultural democratic citizenship through language education – is important, timely, and practical in an increasingly interconnected world. The chapters, developed by language teacher-researchers from the CULTNET network (Durham University, UK), offer new theoretical and practical innovations for language educators everywhere as they seek to develop intercultural understanding and active citizenship in their language learners.

- Prue Holmes, Durham University, UK

This volume is a valuable academic resource. The authors give a very detailed
description of the projects for other researchers to implement the studies. They also show the challenges encountered in various intercultural contexts and find ways to overcome them. Related future research directions are also proposed in order to enable other scholars and researchers to develop intercultural competence and intercultural citizenship in their own language learners.

- Language and Intercultural Communication, 2017 - Jiang Hui, Liaoning Normal University, China

Author Biography:

Michael Byram is Professor Emeritus at the University of Durham, UK and Guest Professor at the University of Luxembourg.

Irina Golubeva is Head of the International Mobility Office at the University of Pannonia, Hungary.

Han Hui is Professor at the School of Foreign Languages at Zhejiang A&F University, China.

Manuela Wagner is Associate Professor of Foreign Language Education and Director of the German Language and Culture Program at the University of Connecticut, USA.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional, Undergraduate

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