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Contending with Globalization in World Englishes Edited by: Mukul Saxena, Tope Omoniyi

Paperback - 256 pages
28 May 2010
Multilingual Matters
210 x 148


This book engages with English in globalization, re-examining and re-interpreting the contemporary contexts of its acquisition and use. The chapters contained in this book weave together four inter-related themes that define the role of English in the global context: the ‘centrality of structure’, ‘relationships of interdependence’, ‘social constructions of difference’ and ‘reproduction of inequality’. These themes enable the authors to draw attention to the dynamics of the contemporary realities of the ‘English-speaking’ and ‘English-using’ nations, especially as they compete for cultural, social, economic and symbolic capital in global networks. In engaging World Englishes with the sociolinguistics of globalization, the authors raise some fundamental questions about the status, structure, and functions of World Englishes.


This book is an overdue and welcome treatment of what global English stands for. It definitely pinpoints the shift away from colonialization, native-like measurement and materials promoting native-speaker hegemony. Speakers using English should be ready to use the language with whoever is also speaking it. Contending with Globalization in World Englishes should be of interest to all using English in international contexts and specifically to applied linguists, as the issues discussed are relevant at the current time.

- Review published on dialogin - The Delta Intercultural Academy on April 2011
- Katrin Volt, Estonia & France

There is a lot of interesting material collated in this book, and some of the contrasting approaches are thought-provoking…it presents some useful overviews about the current status of English in various places aroung the world, and furthermore it offers a valuable contrast between a range of approaches towards globalization, so it will certainly be appreciated by many researchers and students of World Englishes.

- English World-Wide 33:2 (2012), 235-239
- David Deterding, Universiti Brunei Darussala, Brunei

Author Biography:

Mukul Saxena is Assistant Professor in the Centre for Applied Linguistics, Warwick University, UK. Before this, he worked in Brunei Darussalam, Lancaster and York. His publications and research interests are in the areas of ‘(English-)bilingual classroom interaction, Multilingual literacies, Language maintenance & shift, World Englishes.

Tope Omoniyi is Professor of Sociolinguistics in the School of Arts at Roehampton University, London (UK). His research interests straddle issues in language and identity, language in education, and language policy and planning in Europe and Africa. His scholarly articles and reviews have appeared in numerous journals. He is the author of ‘The Sociolinguistics of Borderlands: Two Nations, One People’ (AWP 2004) and editor and co-editor of several volumes of essays.

Readership Level:

Postgraduate, Research / Professional, Undergraduate

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