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Comparative Perspectives on Language Acquisition A Tribute to Clive Perdue Edited by: Marzena Watorek, Sandra Benazzo, Maya Hickmann

Hardback - 632 pages
09 Jan 2012
Multilingual Matters
234 x 156 (R8vo)


This volume aims to provide a broad view of second language acquisition, from initial to final stages. It does this within a comparative perspective that addresses results concerning adult and child learners across a variety of source and target languages, in order to assess the relative weight of cognitive and typological determinants during language learning.


This well-edited collection of papers responds to the theoretical issues that concerned Clive Perdue throughout his productive career. The 29 chapters examine similarities and differences between monolinguals, childhood bilinguals, and adult and child learners of a second language. We see how learner productions are influenced by perceptual abilities, L1 transfer, and explicit learning as they operate across the lifespan, rather than some uniform expiration of a critical period.
Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

In this volume, written by collaborators and friends of Clive Perdue, we find both familiar themes such as the expression of meaning in language, and unfamiliar ones such as the critical period, evolution, and signed language. Well-studied migrant workers provide data as do new populations (tutored learners, child L2ers, near native adult L2ers, bilinguals). What binds the contributions is a concern with simpler linguistic systems. A worthy tribute to Clive's intellectual legacy.
Susanne Carroll, University of Calgary, Canada

Author Biography:

Marzena Watorek is Professor in Linguistics at the University Paris 8. Her research interests include first and second language acquisition, particularly discourse production, initial processing of the input by adult learners, and the interface between language acquisition and teaching.; Sandra Benazzo is Associate Professor in Linguistics and French as a Second Language at the University Lille 3. Her research mainly concerns L2 acquisition in the domain of temporality, information structure, discourse organization and the comparison with L1 acquisition.; Maya Hickmann is Research Director in the Laboratoire Structures Formelles du Langage (CNRS and Université Paris 8). Her research mainly focuses on the role of structural vs. functional and universal vs. language-specific determinants in first and second language acquisition.

Readership Level:

Postgraduate Research / Professional

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