The Politics of World Heritage Negotiating Tourism and Conservation Edited by: David Harrison, Michael Hitchcock

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25 Feb 2005
Current Themes In Tourism
Channel View Publications
248 x 168

Key features

- Addresses the meaning of World Heritage to the citizens of different nations

- Of interest to NGOs, funding bodies, government and the educators and managers of heritage

- Foreword from the Director of the World Heritage Centre, UNESCO


This collection of papers discuss World Trade Law and focus on the contested nature of World Heritage at sites as diverse as The Netherlands, Ellis Island (USA), post-colonial Mesoamerica, Cambodia, Fiji, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam. In addition, eight research notes explore heritage interpretation in the USA, Lebanon, Peru, Indonesia, Singapore, Tasmania and India.


This book is a solid addition to the scholarly literature on heritage tourism and, in particular, the geopolitics of the management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The editors have done an excellent job in providing both a geographically wide-ranging set of case studies and critical scholarly research. This is a fine volume for practitioners and scholars in heritage tourism management and research. Those with serious interests in World Heritage Sites, the UNESCO selection process, heritage management and heritage tourism ought to consider this volume.

- Charles R. de Burlo, University of Vermont, in Journal of Heritage Tourism 2:1

Author Biography:

David Harrison is a London educated Sociologist/Anthropologist who†has taught at the University of Sussex, London Metropolitan University, and The University of the South Pacific in Fiji, from which he retired in 2014.† The USP link continues, and he is also associated with St. Mary's University College in London and the University of Surrey.†He has written extensively on tourism and development and has researched its impacts in Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, the Caribbean, the South Pacific and South-East Asia.

Michael Hitchcock is Director of the International Institute of Culture Tourism and Development, London Metropolitan University.

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