The Tourism Area Life Cycle, Vol. 1 Applications and Modifications Edited by: Richard Butler

Ebook(PDF) - 408 pages
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11 Jan 2006
Aspects of Tourism
Channel View Publications
234 x 156

Key features

- Explores, revisits and revises Butler’s influential Tourism Area Life Cycle model

- Contributions from leading researchers who have used and modified the original model

- Includes a comprehensive review of published material using the Tourism Area Life Cycle model


This volume contains specially commissioned chapters by leading researchers who have used and modified the original TALC model over the past two decades, a reprint of the original article, a discussion of its origins, and a comprehensive review of most of the published material using the TALC. The book is divided into four sections, the foundations of the TALC, the TALC in heritage settings, local involvement and the TALC, and the TALC and rejuvenation. The concluding chapter discusses the relevance of the model to both sustainability and the late Elvis Presley.

Author Biography:

Richard Butler has researched tourism from a geographical perspective for over forty years in Canada and the UK. He is most well known for his adaptation of the life cycle model to tourist destination, and has also published widely on sustainable tourism, and tourism development and impacts.

Readership Level:

Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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