Histories of Tourism Representation, Identity and Conflict Edited by: John K. Walton

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12 Oct 2005
Tourism and Cultural Change
Channel View Publications
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This collection of essays develops the historical dimension to tourism studies through thematic case studies. The editor's introduction argues for the importance of a closer relationship between history and tourism studies, and an international team of contributors explores the relationships between tourism, representations, environments and identities in settings ranging from the global to the local, from the Roman Empire to the twentieth century, and from Frinton to the 'Far East'.

Author Biography:

John K. Walton is Professor of Social History at the University of Central Lancashire, and founding president of the International Commission for the History of Travel and Tourism. He has published widely on British, Spanish and comparative history, with a special interest in the history of seaside resorts, tourism and regional identities. His books include The English Seaside Resort: A Social History, 1750-1914 (Leicester, 1983), Blackpool (Edinburgh, 1998); The British Seaside: holidays and Resorts in the Twentieth Century (Manchester, 2000); and (with Professor Gary Cross) The Playful Crowd (New York, forthcoming 2005).

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