Sport Tourism Development Author: James Higham, Tom Hinch

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23 Apr 2018
Aspects of Tourism
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This book critically explores sport-related tourism drawing on the fields of sport management, the sociology of sport, consumer behaviour, sports marketing, economic, urban and sports geography, and tourism studies. It presents multidisciplinary perspectives of sport tourism, as structured by the geographical concepts of space, place and environment. The volume offers a comprehensive update of the discussions presented in the two previous editions, recognising the significant growth in sub-elite participation sports and addresses spectator-based sport events, participation-based sport events, active sport, and sport heritage activities. It aims to advance theoretical thinking on the subject of sport tourism development and critical thinking on the interplay of local and global forces in sport and tourism development. It continues to be an important text for students and researchers in tourism studies, human geography, sports geography, sociology of sport, sports management, sports marketing and history of sport.


This comprehensive text, ideal for academics and students, sees Higham and Hinch write an engaging critical appraisal of the key development characteristics of sport tourism. This updated edition retains the excellent variety of examples from across the globe. Drawing on the latest research and empirical evidence, this work is a timely reappraisal of this dynamic industry sector.

- Claire Humphreys, University of Westminster, UK

This third edition gives an updated and comprehensive overview of the development of sport tourism. Its accessible style and critical insights make it not only required reading for those new to the subject, but also an invaluable source for those currently researching and working in the field.

- Sean Gammon, University of Central Lancashire, UK

The third edition of Sport Tourism Development is a welcome addition to the sport tourism literature. The book considers the range and breadth of sport tourism, and it provides a nicely integrated model of sport tourism phenomena. The complex array of work in the field is coherently organized and analyzed. This edition of the book is a significant contribution to an increasingly vital realm of study.

- Laurence Chalip, University of Illinois, USA

This book provides a comprehensive view of the sport tourism concepts and in-depth analyses of different factors that influence or are influenced by sport tourism development. All in all, the book provides good content for an advanced undergraduate or a master’s level course. The value of the book lies in the range of topics that it covers supported by supplemental case studies, “Focus Points,” and
recommendations for practice.

- Tourism Analysis, Vol. 24 - Mona Mirehie, Indiana University and Purdue University, USA

Author Biography:

James Higham is Professor at the University of Otago, New Zealand and Visiting Professor at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He is co-editor of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

Tom Hinch is Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta, Canada and Distinguished University Professor, Wakayama University, Japan.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional, Undergraduate, Text

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