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Names and Naming People, Places, Perceptions and Power

Edited by: Guy Puzey, Laura Kostanski | Paperback | 9781783094905

This book explores international trends in naming and contributes to the growing field of onomastic enquiry. Naming practices are viewed here through a critical lens, demonstrating a high level of political and social engagement in relation to how we name people and places.…

Profiling Grammar More Languages of LARSP

Edited by: Paul Fletcher, Martin J. Ball, David Crystal | Hardback | 9781783094868

This book brings together twelve previously unpublished language profiles based on the original Language Assessment, Remediation and Screening Procedure (LARSP). The languages featured are: Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malay and Swedish.…

The Multilingual City Vitality, Conflict and Change

Edited by: Lid King, Lorna Carson | Paperback | 9781783094769

This book is an exploration of the vitality of multilingualism and of its critical importance in and for contemporary cities. It examines how the city has emerged as a key driver of the multilingual future, a concentration of different, changing cultures which somehow manage to create a new identity.…

Crosslinguistic Influence in Second Language Acquisition

Edited by: Rosa Alonso Alonso | Paperback | 9781783094813

This volume provides an unprecedented insight into current approaches to crosslinguistic influence (CLI). The collection investigates a range of themes including linguistic relativity, the possible contributions of neurolinguistics, the problem of cognitive development and the role of the frequency of structures in acquisition from distinct, overla…

Multilingual Perspectives on Child Language Disorders

Edited by: Janet L. Patterson, Barbara L. Rodríguez | Paperback | 9781783094714

This book investigates language disorders in children who speak languages other than, or in addition to, English. The chapters in the first section of the volume focus on language disorders associated with four different syndromes in multilingual populations and contexts.…

Literacy Theories for the Digital Age Social, Critical, Multimodal, Spatial, Material and Sensory Lenses

Author: Kathy A. Mills | Paperback | 9781783094615

Literacy Theories for the Digital Age insightfully brings together six essential approaches to literacy research and educational practice. The book provides powerful and accessible theories for readers, including Socio-cultural, Critical, Multimodal, Socio-spatial, Socio-material and Sensory Literacies.…

Intercultural Learning in Modern Language Education Expanding Meaning-Making Potentials

Author: Erin Kearney | Paperback | 9781783094660

Many educators aim to engage students in deeply meaningful learning in the language classroom, but they often face challenges in connecting students with the cultures of the languages they are learning. This book aims to demonstrate that substantial intercultural learning can and does occur in the modern language classroom, and explores the feature…

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Should children with language disorders still be brought up multilingually?

In January we published Multilingual Perspectives on Child Language Disorders edited by Janet L. Patterson and Barbara L. Rodríguez which explores the issues surrounding multilingual children with various language disorders. In this post, the editors explain how the book will be useful for speech-language pathologists as well as researchers in the field. What good timing! Two questions addressed in […]

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We are currently running a special offer on all the books in our Communication Disorders Across Languages series. Just enter the code CDAL2016 at the checkout and you will receive a 60% discount on all books and ebooks. You can see the entire list of books in the series on the series page.


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