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Series: Tourism and Cultural Change

Series Editors: Professor Mike Robinson (Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University) and Alison Phipps (Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow)
More information on Mike and Alison are available on their homepages:
Mike Robinson and Alison Phipps.

Channel View Publications publishes a series of books that explores the complex and ever-changing relationships between tourism and culture(s). The series focuses on the ways that places, peoples, pasts, and ways of life are increasingly shaped, transformed, created, and packaged for touristic purposes. The series examines the ways tourism utilises/makes and re-makes cultural capital in its various guises (visual and performing arts, crafts, festivals, built heritage, cuisine etc.) and the multifarious political, economic, social and ethical issues that are raised as a consequence.
Tourism has developed a culture of its own. We can now reference it in terms of traditions and practices and, in the Western world anyway, to be a tourist and to engage in tourism is now part of the ordinary. Relatively little work has been carried out on how tourism is represented in various cultures through cultural channels such as the arts and the media. The series also wishes to explore the emergence and trajectories of tourism as a spatial and temporally located form and set of represented actions and behaviours within various cultural contexts.
We are always pleased to receive proposals for this series. Please read the notes about preparing a book proposal. For an informal discussion regarding potential contributions please contact 
Sarah Williams.