Optimizing Language Learners’ Nonverbal Behavior

By Tammy Gregersen and Peter D. MacIntyre

These are the videos to be used alongside the book:

CM 2. Emblematic Problematic
CM 3. Enigmatic Emblems
CM 6. Roles and Regulations
CM 7. Facial Emblems of the Rich and Famous
CM 8. Too Fast and Forward
CM 13. Popping Bubbles
CM 15. Dodging Dialogue Disruptions
CM 18. The Cure for Communication Hiccups
CM 19. Embodied Completions for Mutual Elaboration
CM 21. An Assassin among Us
CM 23. Silence Is Not Golden
CM 24. Elucidating Linguistic Limitations through Compensation Cues
CM 26. Breaking the News Complement or Qualify
CM 27. Illustrator Improvisations
CM 28. Listening Unleashed
CM 29. Speak-Eazy
CM 30. Gestures to Jest By
CM 33. Storytelling Signals
CM 36. Better to Beat It!
CM 37. Practicing Syntactic Displays through Readers' Theater
CM 38. Emblematic Faces
CM 40. Take Pause
CM 41. Pausing to Persuade
CM 45. Practicing Pitch Patterns
CM 46. Intonation Idioms Music to the Ears
CM 48. Connecting with Connected Speech

AF 1. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
AF 2. Imitation is the Sincerest form of Blabbery
AF 4. Emotional Illustrations
AF 5. Display your Dismay
AF 7. Deceit Detectives Affect Cues as Clues
AF 8. Tracking Tell-Tale Truths
AF 9. The Gesture Police
AF 11. Feeling Frenzy
AF 14. Grin and Bear It!
AF 15. Smile Does the World Smile with Me
AF 18. Avoiding the Resting Witch Face and Improving Initial Impressions
AF 23. Seeing Eye to Eye
AF 25. Gaze Away the Gray
AF 28. Gaze your Way to Status, Power and Control
AF 30. Dealing with Dissonance
AF 31. Peek a Boo You Two Your Posture Speaks Volumes
AF 32. Energize Yourself through Posture
AF 33. Dissing with Distance
AF 38. Plotting Personal Places
AF 40. Finding Affiliation or Protecting Privacy
AF 41. Touch-Type Scavenger Hunt
AF 42. Touch Tones
AF 43. Stroke, Squeeze, Shake Emotions You Can't Fake
AF 49. Laugh and the World Laughs with You
AF 50. Your Voice is Music in my Ears
AF 54. Personality Parade

CG 1. Grounding Names in Action I Dub Thee Peculiar Peter
CG 2. Vividifying Mental Visions
CG 3. Squishy Squashy Strong and Sturdy
CG 5. Foreigner Talk
CG 7. Say it with your Hands!
CG 10. Rap it Up!
CG 13. Enacted Action Stories
CG 14. Experimenting with Arbitrary Embodiment
CG 15. Uncluttering Our Working Memories
CG 16. Mission Invisible
CG 17. Trying on Language through Drama
CG 19. Run the Risk
CG 22. Watch What I Am Saying!
CG 23. Your Eyes Don't Lie!
CG 25. The Eyes Have It
CG 26. Minus the Monotone