General Guidelines on Permissions

Permissions issues for book authors and editors

Before submitting your final manuscript to us, please check that you have cleared all necessary permissions. The following is a brief guide to what needs clearing: 

·         If any of the chapters in your book have been previously published, we need to have written permission from the publisher to reprint the material, even if it is not exactly the same as what was previously published. This also applies to material that has previously been published in a language other than English. 
·         Permission is required for any materials for which you are not the copyright holder and include, but are not limited to, maps, tables, figures, photographs (both permission to use the photograph and permission from anyone clearly visible in it), song lyrics, poetry, text extracts, logos and advertisements.
·         Material that is available on the internet isn’t necessarily free of copyright.
·         All quotes over 400 words in length need to be cleared.
·         Poems – the odd line or two is fine, but anything longer will need clearing.

Clearing permissions

We require non-exclusive worldwide reprint rights in English in both print and electronic form. Most publishers have an online form on their website that you can use to clear permissions to re-use their content. Alternatively, you can use the online forms provided by PLS Clear or Copyright Clearance Center. Should you need to contact a publisher directly, your commissioning editor will be able to supply you with a standard letter for requesting permissions. If you have any problems clearing permissions, please let u