Power and Meaning Making in an EAP Classroom: Engaging with the Everyday

Author: Christian W. Chun

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This book examines how critical literacy pedagogy has been implemented in a classroom through a year-long collaboration between the author (a researcher) and an EAP teacher. It details the teacher's introduction to functional grammar and accompanying critical literacy approaches to EAP, and her growing critical language and discourse awareness of power and meaning making in the classroom. The book traces her evolving classroom practices and addresses how powerful discourses in social circulation found their way into the classroom via the curriculum materials the students encountered. The main themes of the book are threefold: narrowing the divide between critically-oriented researchers and practitioners; how critical literacy is actually implemented in a teacher's classroom; and how people (students and the teacher) engage in and with the representations and discourses of the everyday world that include neoliberal globalization, racial and cultural identities, and consumerism. It will be of interest to both researchers and practitioners for the ethnographic and pedagogical issues it raises as well as its accessible theoretical frameworks illustrated by relevant classroom interactional data, mediated, multimodal and critical discourse analysis.

This book should be widely read because it addresses an acute and current linguistic issue which we language teachers should seriously take into consideration. This book invites critical language educators to revisit an EAP classroom with a critical lens. Chun has done a wonderful job in challenging us to revisit our classroom and realize a meaningful connection of theory and practice in EAP.

rEFLectionsVol 26, No.2

Christian Chun's book is a true must for anyone involved in EAP teaching and researching, for anyone who is captive to the dilemmas of neoliberal higher education.

Journal of English for Academic Purposes (2015) 1-4

This book is an important contribution to the research of critical pedagogies in English language education; it will doubtlessly be useful for language education researchers who intend to conduct classroom research with practicing teachers, and for EAP instructors interested in understanding how critical pedagogies can empower their students in learning the language while developing their critical literacy skills.

Discourse & Society 28(3)

Christian W. Chun is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include English for Academic Purposes, critical literacies, social-semiotic approaches to language education, visual culture and linguistic landscapes.


Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: An EAP Classroom

Chapter Three: Exploring the Making of Meanings

Chapter Four: The Multimodalities of Neoliberal Globalization Discourses in YouTube videos

Chapter Five: Engaging with Neoliberalization Discourses, Part Two: Summer term class

Chapter Six: Who is 'Jennifer Wong'? Multiculturalism and the model minority consumer

Chapter Seven: Bringing the political into an EAP Classroom?

Chapter Eight: Everyday life of an EAP classroom

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