Perspectives on Language as Action

Edited by: Mari Haneda, Hossein Nassaji

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Multilingual Matters
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This edited volume has been compiled in honour of Professor Merrill Swain, one of the most prominent scholars in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) and second language (L2) education. For over four decades, her work has contributed substantially to the knowledge base of the field of applied linguistics, and her ideas have had a significant influence in a range of subfields, including immersion education, mainstream SLA, and sociocultural theory and SLA. The range of topics covered in the book reflects the breadth and depth of Swain's contributions, expertise and interests. The volume is divided into four parts: immersion education, languaging, sociocultural perspectives on L2 teaching and learning, and developments in language as social action.

It is impossible to overstate the role Merrill Swain has played in shaping the fields of applied linguistics and second language education. Through this unique collection of original papers authored by leading L2 scholars from around the world, Haneda and Nassaji have created a testament to Merrill's numerous contributions – including her foundational work on communicative competence, the output hypothesis, and languaging – that are certain to continue to inspire researchers and practitioners for years to come.

Matthew E. Poehner, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

This volume is a fitting tribute to Swain's distinguished career and lasting impact on the field. Her colleagues, disciples, and followers expand and apply several of the influential concepts that she brought to the fore of the field (pushed output, collaborative dialogue, languaging, etc.) in ways that advance theory and affect language learning practice.

Marta Antón, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

This volume is an impressive collection of chapters demonstrating the lifetime achievements of Merrill Swain in applied linguistics and second language education. As Jim Lantolf states in the foreword, Merrill '…has without question left an indelible mark on applied linguistics.' This volume is clearly testimony to Merrill's far-reaching influence on so many areas of language education.

Richard Donato, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Mari Haneda is an Associate Professor of World Languages Education and Applied Linguistics in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Pennsylvania State University, USA. Her research interests include the education of school-age EAL students, ESL teachers' work and L2 language and literacy development.

Hossein Nassaji is a Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria, Canada. His research interests include SLA, corrective feedback, form-focused instruction, task-based teaching and classroom discourse.

Preface: Jim Lantolf

Introduction: Mari Haneda & Hossein Nassaji

PART I: Immersion Education

  1. Roy Lyster: Pushing French Immersion Forward
  2. Tara W. Fortune & Diane J. Tedick: Context Matters: Translanguaging and Language Immersion Education in the US and Canada
  3. Siv Björklund: Research Trends and Future Challenges in Swedish Immersion

PART II: Languaging

  1. Yuko Watanabe: The Role of Languaging in Collaborative and Individual Writing: When Pairs Outperform Individuals
  2. Tae-Young Kim: The Effect of Languaging on Students' L2 Learning Motivation: A Classroom-based Approach
  3. Rémi A. van Compernolle and Celester Kinginger: Second Language Concept-based Pragmatics Instruction: The Role of Languaging

PART III. Sociocultural Perspectives on Second Language Teaching and Learning

  1. Hossein Nassaji: Collaborative Output: A Review of Theory and Research
  2. Próspero N. García: Promoting L2 In-service Teachers' Conceptual Development through Collaborative Dialogue
  3. Sharon Lapkin: Languaging in a Gerontological Context: From Conception to Realization
  4. Linda Steinman: Mentorship as Mediation: Appreciation of Merrill Swain

PART IV: Issues and Developments in Language as Social Action

  1. Elaine Tarone: Language Play and Double Voicing in Second Language Acquisition and Use
  2. Patricia Duff: Monolingual Versus Multilingual Language Use in Language Classrooms: Contested and Mediated Social and Linguistic Practice
  3. Mari Haneda, Brandon Sherman and Annela Teemant: Assisted Performance Through Instructional Coaching: A Critical Sociocultural Perspective.
  4. Joan Kelly Hall: An EMCA Approach to Capturing the Specialized Work of L2 Teaching: A Research Proposal

Conclusion: Hossein Nassaji and Mari Haneda

Afterword: G. Richard Tucker

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