Narratives of Adult English Learners and Teachers: Practical Applications

Author: Clarena Larrotta

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Multilingual Matters
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This book centralizes the narratives of adult English language learners, teachers, and trainee teachers in the development of a humanistic language pedagogy; their strengths, concerns, and stories inform this practical guide to adult literacy development and English language-culture learning and teaching. The author sets the need to educate the whole person, and to focus on the adult learner's strengths and assets, against a background of rigorous research and practical experience. This book combines evidence-based pedagogy with a passionate belief in the centrality of the learner and the importance of education and will be invaluable to all those involved in teaching and training related to adult English language learners.

This book is an important addition to TESOL and adult education. Inspiring and refreshing, the book presents strong theoretical underpinnings, crucial pedagogical examples, and rigorous research. Findings are noteworthy for all interested in ESL communities. The intentional and masterful structure empowers the reader to transfer knowledge to their professional practice.

David Schwarzer, Montclair State University, USA

The brilliance of Larrotta's book lies in her refusal to accept the theory/practice false dichotomy that continues to guide and shape most ESL textbooks. The book is not only timely, but also challenges all teachers to move beyond the paternalistic skill banking in the teaching of English and embraces adult learners of English with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Donaldo Macedo, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA

Clarena Larrotta is Professor for the Adult, Professional, and Community Education MA and PhD Programs at Texas State University, USA. She has taught ESL, EFL, and bilingual education in Colombia and the United States and has extensive experience in both teacher education and adult education. She uses Freirean pedagogy, participatory approaches, and engaged scholarship in research focusing on adult learning, English language-culture learning, family literacy, and adult literacy development.

Chapter 1. Introduction and Supporting Theories              

Part I. Students' Voices

Chapter 2. Learning to Enjoy Reading in ESL         

Chapter 3. ESL Adults Transitioning from Oral Language to Print 

Chapter 4. Adults Building Confidence Through Family Literacy   

Chapter 5. Adult ESL Learners' Motivations         

Part II. Teachers' Voices

Chapter 6. ESL Instruction Through Religious Organizations          

Chapter 7. Public Libraries Building Literate Communities             

Chapter 8. Engaged Scholarship Training Tesol Instructors            

Chapter 9. Negotiating Adult ESL Curriculum       

Chapter 10. Conclusion     

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