Study Abroad, Second Language Acquisition and Interculturality

Edited by: Martin Howard

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Multilingual Matters
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This book unites a range of emerging topics in the burgeoning transdisciplinary fields of second language acquisition and interculturality in a study abroad context. It explores key issues, trends and approaches within each strand and how the strands relate to one another, painting a big picture of the diversity and complexity underpinning second language acquisition in a study abroad context. The chapters highlight themes such as social networks, input and interaction issues, learner identities and study abroad in lingua franca contexts, while also presenting other themes spanning the breadth of second language acquisition and interculturality research, such as individual differences and linguistic development. This comprehensive and cohesive volume showcases the latest innovative research using quantitative, qualitative and mixed method approaches across a range of source and target language learner cohorts, and highlights emerging themes and directions for future research.

In this informative and timely volume highly respected international researchers provide answers to important issues related to interculturality and study abroad, as well as suggestions on how to move the field forward. Practitioners and researchers alike will find in this volume an excellent resource for the study of linguistic and personal development in immersive contexts.

Christina Sanz, Georgetown University, USA

This volume makes an important contribution to the literature concerned with language learning and intercultural development during study abroad. The mix of well-designed empirical studies and thought-provoking essays offers new insights, puts forth innovative approaches, and critically examines concepts, methods, and discourses. It is essential reading for scholars, graduate students, and study abroad administrators.

Rachel L. Shively, Illinois State University, USA

This volume offers a fresh perspective on the development of linguistic and intercultural competence in study abroad (SA) settings. Empirical and thematic overview contributions by international scholars on changes in attitudes/perceptions, identity development, input and social network analysis, effects of long-term residence abroad, and individual differences provide a unique, in-depth understanding of factors at play during learners' development of linguistic/intercultural competence in SA contexts.

Barbara A. Lafford, Arizona State University, USA

Martin Howard is Head of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at University College Cork, Ireland. His research interests include study abroad, second language acquisition and sociolinguistics. He is Chair of the European COST Action, 'Study Abroad Research in European Perspective'.

Introduction. Martin Howard: Second Language Acquisition and Interculturality During Study Abroad: Issues and Perspectives. An Introduction to the Volume

Chapter 1. Jane Jackson: "Cantonese is my own eyes and English is just my glasses:" The Evolving Language and Intercultural Attitudes of a Chinese Study Abroad Student

Chapter 2. Sònia Mas-Alcolea: Study Abroad and the Students' Discourse on 'Cultural Difference': A Longitudinal View

Chapter 3. Tiina Räisänen: Discursive Identity Work and Interculturality During Blue-collar Work Practice Abroad: Finnish Engineering Students as Language Learners and Users

Chapter 4. Leah Geoghegan and Carmen Pérez-Vidal:English as a Lingua Franca, Motivation, and Identity in Study Abroad

Chapter 5. Àngels Llanes: Study Abroad as a Context for Learning English as an International Language: An Exploratory Study

Chapter 6. Fanny Forsberg Lundell: Long-term Residence Abroad and SLA: The Case of Cultural Migrants in France

Chapter 7. Rebekah Rast: What First Exposure Studies of Input can Contribute to Study Abroad Research

Chapter 8. Rozenn Gautier: Understanding Socialisation and Integration through Social Network Analysis: American and Chinese Students During a Stay Abroad

Chapter 9. Noriko Iwasaki: Individual Differences in Study Abroad Research: Sources, Processes and Outcomes of Students' Development in Language, Culture and Personhood

Chapter 10. Celeste Kinginger: Four Questions for the Next Generation of Study Abroad Researchers

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