Language Education in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities

Author: Rod Bolitho, Richard Rossner

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Multilingual Matters
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This book considers the importance of language education in a rapidly changing world. The authors look at language education from different perspectives: the teaching and learning of foreign or second languages; the role of literacy, oracy and language across the curriculum; the part played by different stakeholders in educational policy; and the current state of language teacher education and the ways in which language is addressed in the education of teachers of all subjects. Drawing on their extensive experience of language education, and on case studies and data from around the world, the authors consider how a different approach to language in education might help students to develop the language awareness and linguistic and communicative competences they need in order to participate fully and confidently in our increasingly diverse societies.

Bolitho and Rossner should be congratulated on this well-structured and clearly presented book which showcases the key concepts in language teacher education and will benefit researchers, teachers and students in language education.

Lawrence Jun Zhang, University of Auckland, New Zealand

There are many books about language, some of which are informative about the origins, purposes, development and significance of language. Bolitho and Rossner have written such a book and should be congratulated on its scholarship and wisdom and, in particular, on its narrative verve and its unusual power to stimulate thought and action.

Brian Tomlinson, Anaheim University, USA

This timely book provides a comprehensive guide to exploring the critical role that language education plays in today's world as well as its potential to transversally enhance curricula across educational sectors. The chapters chart key milestones in the development of language education from the perspective of a wide range of stakeholders with illustrative examples spanning several continents. A must-read for teachers, teacher educators, researchers, policymakers and anyone involved in language studies advocacy.

Adriana Díaz, The University of Queensland, Australia

"Language Education in a Changing World" proves a rewardingly informative read and a comprehensive guide to relevant developments in and implications of language education at a time when it may be easier than ever for senior teachers and policy makers to lose sight of the road ahead.

RATE, 2021

[This book] is a brilliant source of reflection and practical examples for teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and the ones in leadership positions at schools. It shines a light upon different perspectives in English teaching and learning and the impact of languages on the educational process as a whole.

Disal/New Routes # 74 - May 2021

Rod Bolitho is a freelance consultant in English Language Teaching and Education. His most recent book is Continuing Professional Development (with Amol Padwad, 2018: CUP India).

Richard Rossner is a freelance author, consultant in language and languages in education and an Eaquals inspector. His most recent book is Language Course Planning (with Brian North, Mila Angelova and Elzbieta Jarosz, 2018: OUP).


Chapter 1. The Crucial Role of Language in Education

Chapter 2.  Changes in Second and Foreign Language Education 

Chapter 3. The Growing Influence of English in Education              

Chapter 4. Initial Language Teacher Education – Traditions, Trends and Relevance             

Chapter 5. Language Teachers' Professional Development           

Chapter 6.  Language in Pre-service and In-service Teacher Education for Teachers of all Subjects

Chapter 7. The Perspectives of Stakeholders in Language Education         

Chapter 8. Policy Making             

Chapter 9. Commercial Interests in Language Education 

Chapter 10. Language in Education, and in Teacher Education: towards New Paradigms  

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