On Under-reported Monolingual Child Phonology

Edited by: Elena Babatsouli

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Multilingual Matters
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This book compiles original studies investigating crosslinguistic child phonological development in typical and atypical settings, that is, protolanguage phonology. The chapters address topics and issues not widely or exhaustively reported in the literature, such as research on under-represented languages and foci of interest, as well as information that has remained little-known to the field. It documents recent developments on typically developing populations, and atypical developmental speech in children with autism, developmental language disorder affecting speech, childhood apraxia of speech, phonological assessment and intervention, phonological awareness in (a)typical contexts affecting literacy, and motor speech analysis in speech sound disorders. The book will be of interest to linguists and academic researchers, as well as postgraduate students who are investigating child language acquisition in monolingual settings.

This book is an excellent resource for readers looking to expand their crosslinguistic knowledge base in phonological acquisition. The studies span the age range from infancy through school years, providing new insights concerning children with typical and atypical development across languages as diverse as Hebrew, Russian and Valley Zapotec.

Barbara May Bernhardt, Professor Emerita, University of British Columbia, Canada

This skillfully edited collection looks to the past while making major strides in moving the field of child phonology forward. These reports of speech development in a diverse set of languages provide unique historical, theoretical, and clinical perspectives of interest to a wide, international audience.

Anna Sosa, Northern Arizona University, USA

Elena Babatsouli is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA. Her publications include the co-edited volumes An Anthology of Bilingual Child Phonology and Crosslinguistic Encounters in Language Acquisition with Multilingual Matters. She also co-edits with Martin J. Ball the Journal of Monolingual and Bilingual Speech (Equinox).

Elena Babatsouli: Preface

Elena Babatsouli: Prolegomenon

Chapter 2. David Ingram: Ingram's Contributions to the Study of First Language Acquisition, According to Ingram

Chapter 3. Avivit Ben-David: Phonological Development in Hebrew: A Normative Cross-Sectional Study

Chapter 4. Laura Cristina Villalobos-Pedroza: Prosodic Cues to Contrastive Focus in the Acquisition of Spanish as a First Language

Chapter 5. Joseph P. Stemberger and Mario E. Chávez-Peón: Voicing in "Voiced" "Stops" in Valley Zapotec: Adults and Very Young Children

Chapter 6. Paulina Zydorowicz: The Acquisition of Polish Phonotactics at Word Edges: A Markedness Account

Chapter 7. Typhanie Prince and Sandrine Ferré: French (A)Typical L1 Acquisition: Compensatory Strategies in #sC Clusters

Chapter 8. Aleksandr N. Kornev and Ingrida Balčiūnienė: Word Structure in Typically-developing and Primarily Language-impaired Children: A Usage-Based Corpus Analysis of Russian Preschoolers

Chapter 9. Shari Deveney and Anastasia Kyvelidou: Early Diagnostic Signs of Autism: Preliminary Findings for Infant Vocalizations

Chapter 10. Gila Tubul-Lavy: Coda Acquisition in Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Hebrew

Chapter 11. Krisztina Zajdó and Enikő Csertán: The Acquisition of Phonological Awareness in Children with Mild General Learning Difficulties: Delayed or Disordered Speech Development?

Chapter 12. Ágnes Jordanidisz, Katalin Mohai, Orsolya Mihály and Cheryl Winget: Static Versus Dynamic Screening of Phonological Awareness Skills Among Hungarian-Speaking 5 to 6 Years Old Kindergarteners With Typical and Atypical Language Development

Chapter 13. Aline Mara De Oliveira , Gabriely Vitória Veschi, Luiza Polli, Cássio Eduardo Esperandino and Larissa Cristina Berti: Speech Production Measures in Brazilian Portuguese Children With and Without Speech Sound Disorder

Chapter 14. Nancy J. Scherer, Renata Yamashita, Anapaula Fukushiro, Marcia Keske-Soares, Debora Natalia De Oliveira, David Ingram, A. Lynn Williams and Inge Trindade: Assessment of Early Phonological Development in Brazilian Portuguese

Chapter 15. Elise Baker, Rebecca J. Mccauley, A. Lynn Williams and Sharynne Mcleod: Elements in Phonological Intervention: A Comparison of Three Approaches Using The Phonological Intervention Taxonomy

Chapter 16. Rianne Van Lieburg, Esther Ottow-Henning and Brigitta Keij: Speech Sound Development of Dutch Toddlers With Developmental Language Disorder (DLD): Does Group Intervention Make a Difference?

Chapter 17. Elena Babatsouli: A Commentary on Hellenic: Greek Speech and its Acquisition

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