Cross-Linguistic Transfer of Writing Strategies: Interactions between Foreign Language and First Language Classrooms

Author: Karen Forbes

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In the context of increasingly multilingual global educational settings, this book provides a timely exploration of the phenomenon of cross-linguistic transfer of writing strategies (in particular, transfer from the foreign language to the first language) and presents a compelling case for a multilingual approach to writing pedagogy. The book presents evidence from a classroom-based intervention study conducted in a secondary school in England on cross-linguistic strategy transfer. It suggests that even beginner or low proficiency foreign language learners can develop effective skills and strategies in the foreign language classroom which can also positively influence writing in other languages, including their first language. This book ultimately encourages more joined-up, cross-curricular, cross-linguistic thinking related to language in schools by exploring the potential for collaboration between languages teachers.

The benefits and value of FL learning in schools becomes increasingly important in this time of prevailing nationalism in many parts of the world. Forbes should be lauded for this timely addition that offers insights into the phenomenon of cross-linguistic transfer of writing strategies and the potential contribution of FL teaching to the development of students' writing skills.

Lawrence Jun Zhang, University of Auckland, New Zealand

This is an important book which provides much-needed empirical insight into the connections between foreign language and first language teaching and learning in schools. In the context of the modern multilingual profile of school populations, the need for joined-up thinking on cross-linguistic transfer has never been more pressing.

Michael Evans, University of Cambridge, UK

In this timely and well-written book, Karen Forbes convincingly demonstrates that students' transfer of strategies across languages is a multidirectional phenomenon. The book contains an ideal balance of theory and empirical examples from L1 and FL classrooms making it highly relevant for both researchers and language teachers.

Åsta Haukås, University of Bergen, Norway

Karen Forbes is a Senior Lecturer in Second Language Education in the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK. She previously taught modern languages in a secondary school in England and has also taught English as a foreign language in Spain and China. Her current research interests include the development and cross-linguistic transfer of language learning strategies, and the influence of multilingual identity on foreign language learning.


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Position of First Language and Foreign Language Learning in Schools

Chapter 3. An Overview of Strategy Research and the Role of LLSI

Chapter 4. Considerations for Researching the Effects of a Cross-Linguistic Intervention of LLSI

Chapter 5. Teaching for Transfer: Developing a Cross-Linguistic Approach to LLSI

Chapter 6. An In-depth Exploration of Patterns of Strategy Development in FL and L1 Writing

Chapter 7. Exploring the Cross-Linguistic Transfer of Strategies

Chapter 8. Negotiating LLSI: Individual Trajectories

Chapter 9. The Role of Learners' Individual Differences

Chapter 10. Reflecting Back and Looking Forward: Implications and Conclusions

Appendix A: Student Questionnaire 
Appendix B: Writing Strategy Task Sheet
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