Contemporary Christian Travel: Pilgrimage, Practice and Place

Author: Amos S. Ron, Dallen J. Timothy

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This book is the first to examine the depth, complexity and uniqueness of global Christian pilgrimage, travel and tourism, and how they manifest in terms of both supply and demand. It explores the places and spaces of production and consumption of this increasingly important tourism phenomenon. The volume considers the foundational elements of the attractiveness of places according to Christian thinking – spirit of place, scriptural connections, art and architecture, contrived/themed environments, programmed events, volunteer travel opportunities, and visiting local communities by way of solidarity tourism and mission work. It includes a wide range of examples from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America and will be of interest to researchers and students in religious studies, tourism, pilgrimage studies, geography, anthropology and Christianity studies.

This book provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the arguments regarding religious tourism products and their growing consumer market. It touches upon the secular and the traditional aspects of religion in contemporary society – the believers and faithful on the one hand, and the experience seekers on the other. A well-structured book and a must-read for those interested in religious tourism.

Carlos Fernandes, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal

This book will become the new standard work on Christian travel, a significant element in modern day tourism. There is nothing in the current literature which matches the depth and detail of this volume. It is well-organised, raises many important questions, presents well-documented arguments from a sound theoretical base and includes informative graphics and an impressive and highly valuable bibliography.

Richard Butler, Emeritus, University of Strathclyde, UK

This book is the first comprehensive study of the role of contemporary Christian travel and thus fills a huge gap in the literature. It enhances our understanding of the overall subject and offers an innovative look at the complex phenomenon of religious tourism. It reminds us of religion's centrality to our understanding of contemporary society and culture and is an essential addition to the bookshelves of researchers from various disciplines.

Noga Collins-Kreiner, University of Haifa, Israel

Contemporary Christian Travel is an academically profound yet popularly written exposition of religiously-motivated travel in today's time. 

Church, Communication & Culture, Volume 3, Issue 3

Amos S. Ron is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Tourism Studies at Ashkelon Academic College, Israel. He has worked in the field for almost 40 years and his research interests include geography of religion, cultural geography, pilgrimage, sacred site management, heritage tourism, cuisine and food traditions.

Dallen J. Timothy is Professor of Community Resources and Development and Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University, USA. He has worked in the field for over 20 years and his research interests include religious tourism, heritage management, cuisine and food traditions, and tourism and geopolitics.

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Chapter 1. The Context of Christian Travel
Chapter 2. Evolving Patterns of Christian Travel: Denominational and Geographical Perspectives
Chapter 3. Commoditizing Holy Places and Commercializing Sacred Experiences
Chapter 4. Promoting Christian Tourism
Chapter 5. Christian Volunteering: Solidarity, Spreading the Gospel, and Humanitarian Service
Chapter 6. Christian Themed Environments
Chapter 7. Heritage Trails and Cultural Routes
Chapter 8. Christian Events and Gatherings
Chapter 9. Conclusion

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