Brexit and Tourism: Process, Impacts and Non-Policy

Author: Derek Hall

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This book offers a multidisciplinary, holistic appraisal of the implications of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union (EU) for tourism and related mobilities. It attempts to look beyond the short- to medium-term consequences of these processes for both the UK and the EU. It is divided into four major sections: Context, Tourism Impacts, Implications, and Global Britain? The volume employs case studies to highlight Brexit's ripple effects on tourism, mobilities and immobilities. It will be of interest to researchers, students and policymakers in tourism, European studies, political geography, regional development, international relations and politics.

Tourism is associated with breaking down barriers. Brexit has the effect of raising barriers. Bring the two together and there is an inevitable clash. This book does a great job in exploring the background and nature of this clash for tourism in the UK and beyond. Its systematic and multidisciplinary exploration of the context, impacts and implications of Brexit will make it required reading for a generation of tourism scholars.

David Airey, Emeritus Professor, University of Surrey, UK

The safe option would have been to write this book once political events had settled. Hall's decision to offer an assessment now is very welcome. His analysis of this highly topical issue is thoughtful, at times controversial, and very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Rhodri Thomas, Leeds Beckett University, UK

This book will make a valuable contribution to the current discussion on the impact of Brexit on the British tourism industry. Its theoretical and factual background provides an appropriate rationale for the timely publication of this book as it gives the reader a thorough understanding of this contentious issue.

Noëlle O'Connor, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland

This volume cuts through the thicket of confusion, political hyperbole, and conflicting statements to present a range of possible outcomes [of Brexit]. Hall's directional analysis is data based and supported by the inclusion of other voices in the form of case studies. Presented in non-fussy prose, the main argument centers around the paradox that tourism typically promotes mobility while Brexit effectively pushes for greater immobility.

CHOICE, Vol. 58 No. 4, Dec 2020

Brexit and Tourism is packed with statistics and graphics and charts [...] This book is a goldmine of argument stoppers framed by an emphatic 'I Told You So' [...] Simply put, anyone involved with Europe- whether through business, property or leisure- should have this book close to hand as we plunge through unknown waters. 

The Birmingham Press, September 2020

This book provides a critical, revealing and thought-provoking overview of Brexit's potential future consequences for in-bound, out-bound and domestic tourism. Insights are provided into how political events may markedly affect a nation's tourism industry, and into how these consequences may be overlooked, ignored and not planned for. The book will be valuable for students on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in tourism, and on courses in other disciplinary fields concerned with European policy issues.

Current Issues in Tourism, 2020

One of the best features of Brexit and Tourism lays on the fact that Brexit is presented from different perspectives (historic, political, sociological, economic, legal). This book is also a "one-stop-shop", as not much has been written on the topic of tourism and Brexit.

Journal of Tourism Futures, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2020

Derek Hall is a Partner in Seabank Associates, and latterly Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth, UK. He has extensive experience in the field of tourism and political geography. His recent publications include Tourism and Geopolitics: Issues and Concepts from Central and Eastern Europe (CABI, 2017).


Chapter 1. The UK and 'Europe'

Chapter 2. Imbroglio

Chapter 3. Tourism and the EU: Retrospect and Prospect (Constantia Anastasiadou) 

Chapter 4. Theorising Brexit and Tourism


Chapter 5. Impact Assessments and Perceptions

Chapter 6. Supply-side Issues

Chapter 7. Demand-side Issues


Chapter 8. Environmental Implications (with C. Michael Hall)

Chapter 9. Inconvenient Cross-border Mobilities I: Ireland

Chapter 10. Inconvenient Cross-border Mobilities II: expatriate citizen's free movement rights (with Lesley Roberts)

Chapter 11. Inconvenient Cross-border Mobilities III: Gibraltar


Chapter 12. Commonwealth

Chapter 13. Pursuing the Chinese Market: Symbol of a 'Global Britain'? (with Rong Huang)

Chapter 14. Conclusion: the UK as a 'GREAT' Destination?


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