Code Choice in the Language Classroom

Author: Glenn S. Levine

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Multilingual Matters
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Code Choice in the Language Classroom argues that the foreign language classroom is and should be regarded as a multilingual community of practice rather than as a perpetually deficient imitator of an exclusive second-language environment. From a sociocultural and ecological perspective, Levine guides the reader through a theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical treatment of the important roles of the first language, and of code-switching practices, in the language classroom. Intended for SLA researchers, language teachers, language program directors, and graduate students of foreign languages and literatures, the book develops a framework for thinking about all aspects of code choice in the language classroom and offers concrete proposals for designing and carrying out instruction in a multilingual classroom community of practice.

An extremely timely book on one of the most vexing issues in foreign language teaching: how much code-switching is acceptable or even desirable in the 21st century L2 classroom? Through a sound theoretical framework and concrete pedagogical examples, Glenn Levine develops an exciting, innovative multilingual approach to curriculum design, teaching, and articulation that engages the students in the co-construction of code choice conventions.

Glenn Levine's book deals with an issue that has only recently become topical, but which has been a fundamental tension in language education in practice for a very long time. He makes a cogent argument for language teaching and learning as a fundamentally bilingual endeavour in which all the languages available to the classroom can have an input role to play. For Levine, languages are not compartmentalised by rather they are thoroughly integrated in the work of teaching. This thoroughly evidenced study combines theory, data analysis and recommendations for practice. It is an important resource for both teachers and researchers.

Levine's book is clear, practical and thought-provoking...L2 teachers trying to come to terms with L2 teaching nowadays will certainly be encouraged, inspired and comforted by this book. Curriculum developers...will appreciate the conceptual and methodological framework presented by Levine. Scholars and students wishing to explore the main tenets of sociocultural approaches to L2 teaching will find this work to be a fine and thorough synthesis.

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Glenn S. Levine is an Associate Professor of German and German language program director at the University of California, Irvine.



Part 1: Conceptual Framework

1 Monolingual Norms and Multilingual Realities

2 The Conundrum of Babel: Toward a Theoretical Framework for a Multilingual Approach

3 What is a Code? What is Code-Switching?

Part 2: Empirical Support

4 The Code Choice Status Quo of the Language Classroom

5 The Discourse of Classroom Code Choice: Toward Becoming Bilingual Part 3: Curriculum

6 An Architecture of Classroom Code Choice

7 Getting from Marked to Unmarked and Back Again: Articulation of Multilingual Classroom Communities of Practice

Epilogue: Blessings of Babel



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