More Paragraphs on Translation

Author: Peter Newmark

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Multilingual Matters
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Peter Newmark's fifth book on translation continues his series of articles in The Linguist. He is as much concerned with the minutiae of translation — capitalisation, square brackets, dashes — as with its perennial major issues: truth, beauty, morality, logic, language convergence, linguistic differences and culture. New occupations and technologies throw up a corresponding new number of translation topics and, again, a large number of translation examples in a number of languages match these topics.
Peter Newmark, who was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and has an honorary degree from the University of Trieste, teaches principles and methods of translation at the University of Surrey, and teaches in and directs the English for Translators option in the University of Westminster EFL Summer School. He also examines for the Institute of Linguists' International Diploma in Translation, and has recently taught in Palestine, Hong Kong, Brno in the Czech Republic and General Roca in Argentina. He is Vice President and a Life Member of the Institute of Linguists, a Trustee of the Mary Glasgow Language Trust, and a member of Amnesty International. His numerous publications include Approaches to Translation (1981), A Textbook of Translation (1988), About Translation (1991) and Paragraphs on Translation (1993) and a great number of papers and articles.
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