Aspects of Tourism Collection (Vols 1-30)

Edited by: Chris Cooper, C. Michael Hall, Dallen J. Timothy

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Aspects of Tourism is an innovative, multifaceted series, designed to provide readers with the latest thinking on tourism world-wide. The volumes are authoritative, readable and user-friendly, providing accessible sources for further research. Books in the series are commissioned to probe the relationship between tourism and cognate subject areas such as strategy, development, retailing, sport and environmental studies. This set includes the first 30 volumes of the series providing a definitive collection of tourism titles. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

AOT 30 Tourism Ethics ISBN-13 9781845410353
AOT 29 The Tourism Area Life Cycle Vol 2 ISBN-13 9781845410292
AOT 28 The Tourism Area Life Cycle Vol 1 ISBN-13 9781845410261
AOT 27 Tourist Behaviour ISBN-13 9781845410230
AOT 26 Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business ISBN-13 9781845410124
AOT 25 Film-Induced Tourism ISBN-13 9781845410155
AOT 24 Wildlife Tourism ISBN-13 9781845410070
AOT 23 Shopping Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150603
AOT 22 Tourism Recreation and Climate Change ISBN-13 9781845410049
AOT 21 Nature-Based Tourism in Peripheral Areas ISBN-13 9781845410018
AOT 20 Tourism Development ISBN-13 9781873150962
AOT 19 Music Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150931
AOT 18 Tourism Marketing ISBN-13 9781873150900
AOT 17 Oceania ISBN-13 9781873150870
AOT 16 Strategic Management for Tourism Communities ISBN-13 9781873150849
AOT 15 Tourism, Mobility and Second Homes ISBN-13 9781873150818
AOT 14 Sport Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150665
AOT 13 Sport Tourism Development ISBN-13 9781873150634
AOT 12 Coastal Mass Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150696
AOT 11 Recreational Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150573
AOT 10 Managing Educational Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150511
AOT 9 Progressing Tourism Research ISBN-13 9781873150481
AOT 8 Classic Reviews in Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150450
AOT 7 Marine Ecotourism ISBN-13 9781873150429
AOT 6 Tourism Employment ISBN-13 9781873150313
AOT 5 Tourism and Development ISBN-13 9781873150351
AOT 4 Natural Area Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150252
AOT 3 Dynamic Tourism ISBN-13 9781873150290
AOT 2 Tourism Collaboration and Partnerships ISBN-13 9781873150221
AOT 1 Tourism in Peripheral Areas ISBN-13 9781873150238

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