Aspects of Tourism Collection (Vols 81-90)

Edited by: Chris Cooper, C. Michael Hall, Dallen J. Timothy

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This innovative, multifaceted series comprises authoritative reference handbooks on global tourism regions, research volumes, texts and monographs. It is designed to provide readers with the latest thinking on tourism worldwide and pushes back the frontiers of tourism knowledge. The series introduces a new generation of international tourism authors writing on leading edge topics. The volumes are authoritative, readable and user-friendly, providing accessible resources for further research. This collection is the fourth in the series and contains the volumes 81-90. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

AOT 81: Tourism Ethics 9781845416355

AOT 82: Qualitative Methods in Tourism Research - Theory and Practice 9781845416409

AOT 83: Tourism and Religion - Issues and Implications 9781845416454

AOT 84: Sport Tourism Development 9781845416553

AOT 85: Contemporary Christian Travel - Pilgrimage, Practice and Place 9781845416645

AOT 86: Brexit and Tourism - Process, Impacts and Non-Policy 9781845417123

AOT 87: Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandom - Transnational Tourist Experiences 9781845417222

AOT 88: Service Encounters in Tourism, Events and Hospitality - Staff Perspectives 9781845417277

AOT 89: Responsible Rural Tourism in Asia 9781845417512

AOT 90: Tourism and Earthquakes 9781845417864

Postgraduate, Research / Professional, Undergraduate
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