English-Medium Instruction and Translanguaging

Edited by: BethAnne Paulsrud, Zhongfeng Tian, Jeanette Toth

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Multilingual Matters
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This book offers a critical exploration of definitions, methodologies and ideologies of English-medium instruction (EMI), contributing to new understandings of translanguaging as theory and pedagogy across diverse contexts. It brings together a number of conceptual and empirical studies on translanguaging in EMI at different educational levels, in a variety of countries, with different approaches to translanguaging, different named languages, and different policies. These studies include several underrepresented contexts across the globe, providing a broad view of how translanguaging in EMI is understood in these educational settings. Furthermore, this book addresses the complexities of translanguaging through a discussion of the affordances and constraints associated with the use of multiple linguistic resources in the EMI classroom.

This truly international volume is a must-read for all those interested in the interface between translanguaging and English-medium instruction. Despite the pervasive presence of recalcitrant monolingual ideologies, the contributors clearly attest that the exclusive use of English is unnatural, unrealistic and, on too many occasions, harmful, while translanguaging, if cogently theorized and implemented (not at any cost), is legitimized as a natural, reasonable and beneficial practice.

David Lasagabaster, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain

BethAnne Paulsrud is a Senior Lecturer of English at Dalarna University, Sweden. Her research focuses on multilingualism in educational policy and practice, English and EMI in Sweden, and family language policy. She has co-edited two volumes on translanguaging and education, including New Perspectives on Translanguaging and Education (Multilingual Matters, 2017).

Zhongfeng Tian is an Assistant Professor of TESL Teacher Education/Applied Linguistics at the University of Texas at San Antonio, USA. His research focuses on bilingual education, TESOL, and translanguaging. He has co-edited a volume Envisioning TESOL through a Translanguaging Lens: Global Perspectives (Springer, 2020). 

Jeanette Toth is a Senior Lecturer of English at Dalarna University, Sweden. Her research has investigated policies, practices, and perspectives on languages and language use within EMI at the primary school level in Sweden. She has contributed chapters in two volumes on translanguaging and education, including New Perspectives on Translanguaging and Education (Multilingual Matters, 2017).

Transcription Key


Bassey E. Antia: Foreword

BethAnne Paulsrud, Zhongfeng Tian, and Jeanette Toth: Introduction

Chapter 1. Kari Sahan and Heath Rose: Problematising the E in EMI: Translanguaging as a Pedagogic Alternative to English-Only Hegemony in University Contexts

Chapter 2. John L. Adamson and Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson: Translanguaging in EMI in the Japanese Tertiary Context: Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 3. Colin Reilly: Malawian Universities as Translanguaging Spaces

Chapter 4. Kathy Luckett and Ellen Hurst-Harosh: Translanguaging Pedagogies in the Humanities and Social Sciences in South Africa:  Affordances and Constraints

Chapter 5. Eowyn Crisfield, Isla Gordon, and Alexandra Holland: Translanguaging as a Pathway to Ethical Bilingual Education: An Exploratory Case Study from Kenya

Chapter 6. Naashia Mohamed: Transcending Linguistic and Cultural Boundaries: A Case Study of Four Young Maldivians' Translanguaging Practices

Chapter 7. Jack Pun: Translanguaging in Partial-EMI Secondary Science Classrooms in Hong Kong

Chapter 8. Sovicheth Boun and Wayne E. Wright: Translanguaging in a Graduate Education Programme at a Cambodian University

Chapter 9. Fiona Dalziel and Marta Guarda: Student Translanguaging Practices in the EMI Classroom: A Study of Italian Higher Education

Chapter 10. Bridget A. Goodman, Sulushash Kerimkulova, and D. Philip Montgomery: Translanguaging and Transfer of Academic Skills: Views of Kazakhstani Students in an English-Medium University

Chapter 11. Margie Probyn: Translanguaging for Learning in English-Medium Instruction Classrooms in South Africa: An Overview of Selected Research

Ute Smit: Epilogue

BethAnne Paulsrud, Zhongfeng Tian, and Jeanette Toth: Conclusion

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