Language Teacher Noticing in Tasks

Author: Daniel O. Jackson

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This book provides an accessible, evidence-based account of how teacher noticing, the process of attending to, interpreting and acting on events which occur during engagement with learners, can be examined in contexts of language teacher education and highlights the importance of reflective practice for professional development. Central to the work is an innovative mixed-methods study of task-based interaction which was undertaken with pre-service English language teachers in Japan. Through close analyses of task interaction coupled with recall data, it illustrates the ways in which pre-service teachers noticed their student partners' use of embodied and linguistic resources. This focus on what teachers attend to, how they interpret it, and their subsequent decisions has multiple implications for language learning and teacher development. It demonstrates the value of teacher noticing for developing rapport, supporting pupils' language acquisition, enhancing participation, fostering reflection and guiding observation, a central feature of language teachers' career advancement.

Jackson's approach to teacher noticing is at once ecological, interdisciplinary, and evidence-based. He theorizes the dynamic act of thinking-for-teaching and empirically illuminates how teachers come to notice students' use of embodied and verbal resources, and how task complexity and perspectival memory, among other factors, shape what teachers notice. A deeply original book that opens up new ground for the study of novice language teacher cognition!

Lourdes Ortega, Georgetown University, USA

Grounded in Jackson's experience and knowledge as a teacher-trainer, this book offers fundamental insights on teacher noticing, a critically important but underexplored topic of inquiry in the field of second language acquisition research. Using multiple theoretical and methodological lenses, Jackson's analysis is not only innovative in its approach but also extremely informative for anyone involved in language education.

Yuko Goto Butler, University of Pennsylvania, USA

In this book, Jackson offers important insights into the role that teacher noticing plays in the context of language instruction as well as practical suggestions for teachers wishing to extend their noticing skills. A valuable new perspective on teacher noticing!

Miriam Sherin, Northwestern University, USA

Daniel O. Jackson is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Kanda University of International Studies, Japan. His research interests include language teacher noticing and task-based language teaching and he is the co-editor (with Gisela Granena and Yucel Yilmaz) of Cognitive Individual Differences in Second Language Processing and Acquisition (John Benjamins, 2016).

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Part 1: Situating Noticing among Teachers

1. Introduction and Overview

2. Noticing: An Integrative Perspective

3. Language Teacher Noticing

Part 2: A Study of Pre-Service Teachers

4. Contextualizing the Study

5. Researching Teacher Noticing

6. Influences on Teacher Noticing

7. Noticing of Embodied Resources

8. Noticing of Verbal Resources

9. Noticing and Pre-Service Teachers

Part 3: Conclusion

10. Future Directions




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