Language and Tourism in East Africa: A Ruinous System

Author: Anne Storch, Angelika Mietzner

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This book explores the relationship between imperial formations and individual encounters at African tourist sites – spaces of leisure, healing and work. It examines how encounters between tourists and hosts tend to be constructed along colonial thought lines and considers how players in the hospitality industry do not interact as coeval participants, but are racialised, scripted and positioned according to colonially-established order. The authors focus on the language of these encounters, not only speech, performance and response, but also silence, resonance, emptiness, noise – objectified, materialised, evasive and confusing. Through its exploration of language in these encounters, the volume shows that ruination is the one feature that is omnipresent in the multiple and diverse tourist settings of the postcolonial world. This book is open access under a CC BY ND licence.

Anne Storch is a Professor in the Institute of African Studies at the University of Cologne, Germany. She has published widely on African languages, African sociolinguistics, tourism and critical heritage studies, metalinguistic discourse and colonial linguistics.

Angelika Mietzner is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of African Studies at the University of Cologne, Germany. Her research interests include Nilotic languages, African sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics and tourism.


Chaper 1.  Boarding

Chapter 2. Terrible Magical Ways of Healing

Chapter 3. The Philosophy of Hakuna Matata

Chapter 4. Karen

Chapter 5. Highway to Hell

Chapter 6. Ruins on the Beach

Chapter 7. Relocated Places

Chapter 8. A Language of Relations

Chapter 9. Hostility on a T-shirt

Chapter 10. Movies on Sex Tourism that You Shouldn't Miss

Chapter 11. The Ancient Speaker

Chapter 12. Cooking Class

Chapter 13. Glossy Glossary



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