Linguistic and Cultural Acquisition in a Migrant Community

Edited by: David Singleton, Vera Regan, Ewelina Debaene

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This book provides a linguistic and cultural profile of the Polish diasporic communities in three different European countries: Ireland, France and Austria. The eight contributing chapters present original research on the acquisition and use of the languages of the respective host communities and also explore related elements of cultural acquisition. A number of aspects of second language acquisition are considered, notably the acquisition of phonology, lexicon and discourse, as well as aspects of sociolinguistic competence. In addition, varying approaches and research methods are reported on, each of which was chosen in consideration of the particular research issue addressed and the particular circumstances under which the research was carried out. These range from psycholinguistic approaches to second language acquisition to variationist approaches, and include both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

This book is an exciting and comprehensive, multidimensional study looking into the acquisition and use of languages in migrant communities from both the linguistic and cultural perspectives. It offers a unique comparative insight into language acquisition and maintenance among Polish migrants to Ireland and France, being the first project of its kind. Full of fascinating psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic findings, the book is an invaluable and novel contribution to the migration studies.

This book will be of real interest to researchers and postgraduates interested not only in the Polish diaspora in Europe, but also in a broad range of contemporary language and migration issues. The multi-faceted approach it takes to issues related to Polish migration to Ireland is particularly fascinating.

The inspirational role of the book cannot be underestimated: By providing insights into the nature of research ideas developed in the project, the book offers a point of reference for other researchers interested in the acquisition of linguistic and cultural aspects in migrant communities.

Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, Vol. 3 No. 4 December 2013

David Singleton is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, where he is Professor of Applied Linguistics. He also holds the title of Research Professor at the University of Pannonia. He has served as President of the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics, as Secretary General of the International Association of Applied Linguistics and as President of the European Second Language Association.

Vera Regan is Associate Professor of Sociolinguistics at University College Dublin. She is Chevalier de l'ordre des Palmes Académiques and has served as President of the European Second Language Association, President of the Association for French Language Association, and President of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland.

Ewelina Debaene holds a PhD in English Applied Linguistics from Warsaw University (2005). She has worked as a Lecturer in Polish Language and Culture at Trinity College Dublin and is currently delivering a series of lectures at Marii Curie-Skłodowska University and the Medical University of Lublin.

D. Singleton & V. Regan: Introduction

E. Debaene: Emigration Versus Mobility: The Case of the Polish Community in France and Ireland

V. Regan: The Bookseller and the Basketball player: Tales from the French Polonia

N. Nestor: The Positional Distribution of Discourse Like - A Case Study of Young Poles in Ireland

B. Bidzińska: The Polish Diaspora in Austria: Identity, Integrations and Attitudes Towards Native Language and Culture

E. Debaene & J. Harris: Divergence, Convergence and Passing for a Native Speaker: Variations in Use of English by Polish Migrants in Ireland.

A. Skrzypek: The Direction of Causality in the Relationship Between Phonological Short-term Memory and L2 Lexical Knowledge: The Case of Adult Polish Learners of English in Ireland.

R. Kopečková: Segmental Acquisition in Polish Child and Adult Learners in Ireland

P. Walsh & D.Singleton: Variation in English Lexical Acquisition Among Polish Migrant Children in Ireland

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