Masculinities in the Field: Tourism and Transdisciplinary Research

Edited by: Brooke A. Porter, Heike A. Schänzel, Joseph M. Cheer

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This volume is an essential reference for designing, analysing and reflecting on field research. It advances the literature on gender by taking a specific focus on masculinity. The book is organised into four sections: hegemonic and heteronormative masculinities, performing heteronormative masculinities, situated masculinities and paternal masculinities. The chapters explore the question of what it means to be a 'man' and the definition of masculinity. These reflexive accounts of gendered field experiences further the call for gender positionality in research and will aid tourism researchers and other transdisciplinary scholars. It is a useful tool for supervisors, ethics committee members and researchers (male and female).

Brooke A. Porter is Associate Professor of Food & Sustainability Studies, Umbra Institute, Perugia, Italy. Her research interests include marine and aquatic conservation, tourism as a development, conservation and management strategy and social entrepreneurship tourism.

Heike A. Schänzel is Associate Professor and Programme Leader Postgraduate in International Tourism Management at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Her research interests include tourist behaviour, families in tourism, sociality in tourism and gender issues.

Joseph M. Cheer is Research Professor, Wakayama University, Japan and Adjunct Research Fellow, Monash University, Australia. His research interests include social-ecological resilience, Asia-Pacific, tourism geographies and anthropology of tourism.


Nigel Morgan and Annette Pritchard

Introduction - Issues in the Field: Masculinities in Masculine Spaces
Brooke A. Porter, Heike A. Schänzel and Joseph M. Cheer

Part 1 Hegemonic and Heteronormative Masculinities 

1 It's Okay to Cry: Encouraging Emotional Writing Among Male Tourism Scholars
Jack Shepherd

2 When is a Hegemonic Male Not a Hegemonic Male? Personal Reflections of a Tourism(ish) Researcher
Neil Carr

3 Exploring the Expression of the Masculine in Adventure Activities: A Personal Reflection
Mark B. Orams

4 Meditations on Masculinity: Encounters in Salty Research Spaces
Jacques D. Mahler-Coetzee 

Part 2 Performing Heteronormative Masculinities

5 Performing and Negotiating Filipino Masculinities in the Field
Richard S. Aquino

6 How Masculinity Creeps In: Awkward Field Encounters of a Male Researcher
Can-Seng Ooi

Part 3 Situated Masculinities

7 A Tale of Two Researchers: Masculinity in Cross-Cultural Contexts
Joseph M. Cheer and Alan A. Lew

8 Gender, Identity and Discomfort: Negotiating Self and Context in the Field
Dominic Lapointe

9 Journeying into Yogaland: A Cautionary Tale of a White Guy's Perspectives on Yoga-related Fieldwork in Japan
Patrick McCartney

10 A Mzungu in Kenya: Dissonant Masculinity and Ethnographic Field Research in Sub-Saharan Africa
Gary Lacey

11 Doing Fieldwork in Palestine: Checkpoints, Accessibility, Security and Wellbeing
Rami K. Isaac

Part 4 Paternal Masculinities

12 Finding Gender at the Intersection of Family and Field: Family Presences in Sweden
Stuart Reid

13 Fatherhood in the Field: Reflections on Kinship, Identity and Ethnographic Research
Michael A. Di Giovine

Masculinities in Tourism Research: Implications and Conclusions
Joseph M. Cheer, Heike A. Schänzel and Brooke A. Porter


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