Research Paradigm Considerations for Emerging Scholars

Edited by: Anja Pabel, Josephine Pryce, Allison Anderson

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This book provides insights into the lived experiences of researchers as they negotiate the undulating terrain of the world of paradigms and seek to find their niche. Each chapter presents the journeys of postgraduate candidates, early career researchers and established scholars, starting with an overview of their paradigm, the application of the paradigm to their specific research context, and concluding with the authors reflecting on their identification with and use of the paradigm. The volume acknowledges that determining the paradigm that best aligns with a scholar's personal ideologies and the underlying assumptions of the research can be rather daunting, challenging and perplexing to scholars who are starting their research journey. It offers an accessible exploration of research paradigms and will be a valuable resource for postgraduate researchers, emerging scholars and PhD supervisors.

This book offers comprehensive guidance for emerging scholars to explore different knowledge paths. It examines several paradigms based on dominant methodologies and methods to help understand the revolutions in thinking which followed transformative discoveries. The book presents a range of beliefs, values and techniques and helps early career scholars to position their research and facilitate the mapping of their research journey.

Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University, UK

This is a topical book that fills a gap in the tourism and hospitality literature by providing under one cover theoretical explanations and practical guidelines on how to select and implement a research paradigm. The book is equally valuable to research students, early career scholars and also scholars teaching research methods.

Marianna Sigala, University of South Australia, Australia

Anja Pabel is a Lecturer at CQUniversity Australia. Her research interests include tourist behaviour, humour research, marine tourism and tourism marketing.

Josephine Pryce is an Associate Professor at James Cook University, Australia. Her research interests include the nature of work, research approaches and teaching and learning.

Allison Anderson is Head of Research and Insights, Tourism Tasmania, Australia. Her research interests include tourism planning, destination development, urban design and visitor tracking.

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Chapter 1. Anja Pabel, Josephine Pryce and Allison Anderson: Embarking on the Paradigm Journey

Chapter 2. Antje R.H. Graul: Logical Positivism in Consumer Behaviour Research

Chapter 3. Leonie Cassidy: The Design Science Research Paradigm: An Instantiation of Website Benchmarking

Chapter 4. Anja Pabel: An Application of Quasi-Experiments to Study Humour in Tourism Settings Guided by Post-Positivism

Chapter 5. Tramy Ngo, Gui Lohmann and Rob Hales: Knowledge Co-Production in Tourism and the Process of Knowledge Development: Participatory Action Research

Chapter 6. Justyna Pilarska: Constructivist Paradigm and Phenomenological Qualitative Research Design

Chapter 7. Yohei Okamoto: Applying the Interpretive Social Science Paradigm to Research on Tourism Education and Training

Chapter 8. Josephine Pryce: An Autoethnographic Chronicle on the Ethnographic Exploration of the Nature of Hotel Work and Hospitality in Far North Queensland

Chapter 9. Oscar Vorobjovas-Pinta: Neo-Tribalism through an Ethnographic Lens: A Critical Theory Approach

Chapter 10. Linda Colley and Sue Williamson: Navigating the Complex Variety of Feminisms

Chapter 11. Ambrozio Queiroz Neto, Gui Lohmann, Noel Scott and Kay Dimmock: The Pragmatic Paradigm in Destination Competitiveness Studies: The Case of the SCUBA Diving Tourism Niche

Chapter 12. Allison Anderson: Pragmatism in the Context of Urban Design and Tourism: A Multidisciplinary Study

Chapter 13. Jenny H. Panchal: In Search of an Intermediate Paradigmatic Ground: Critical Realism-Post-Positivism in Understanding Tourists' Motivation and Experiences in Asian Spas

Chapter 14. Philip L. Pearce: Paradigms: A Supervisor's Perspective and Advice

Chapter 15. Josephine Pryce: Into the Future: Moving Forward with Reflective Practice on Paradigms


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