Social Tourism in Europe: Theory and Practice

Edited by: Scott McCabe, Lynn Minnaert, Anya Diekmann

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This book, the first on social tourism in English, provides a comprehensive analysis of the various systems and practices in support of disadvantaged people's enjoyment of tourism. Combining theory and practice and a truly European perspective, this book provides an interdisciplinary approach to examine the concepts and contexts underpinning social tourism that will be a key reference point for students, practitioners and researchers. Theoretical perspectives on social tourism are assessed in the context of social inequality, sustainability, family diversity, mobility and the welfare society. The case studies cover public initiatives, charities and voluntary organisations, from a range of different countries including the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Poland, covering the diversity of systems and practices in Europe.

In austere times, Social Tourism has the potential to make innovative contributions to the restructuring of both the visitor economy and social policy. This book is a timely addition to the emerging research on this neglected topic. Its wide-ranging and challenging review of the concepts that underlie social tourism together with examples of how it is practised will make it invaluable to researchers, students and policymakers.

Robert Maitland, University of Westminster, UK

This well-researched collection of papers provides a refreshing insight into the diverse historical experiences and interpretations of 'social tourism' across Europe. Through a combination of penetrating theoretical analysis and up-to-date practical illustration it raises a number of fundamental questions regarding the role of tourism in contemporary societies and presents a powerful case for regarding tourism as more than a commercially-driven industry or item of discretionary leisure consumption but also as a vital social need and universal right.

Raoul Bianchi, University of East London, UK

This book, therefore, fills a need among tourism scholars and industry organizers who seek practical information on the rights and responsibilities assigned travel, and the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability of tourism in the 21st Century. I found it a useful resource for introductory university courses in tourism and cultural anthropology. I would also recommend it for anyone interested in the history of European tourism and the ceremonial nature of tourist activities.

Greg Ringer, Royal Roads University, Canada in Anatolia, Volume 23, Issue 2, 2012

Scott McCabe graduated from his doctoral studies in 2001 and has been working in higher education for last sixteen years. Scott is currently head of the Marketing Division at Nottingham University Business School, where he has worked for seven years. Previously he worked in the hospitality sector, mainly in small hotels, restaurants and bars, travelling widely in Europe, Australia and South East Asia. He worked for a time in the fine wine trade.

Dr Lynn Minnaert is a lecturer in tourism and events at the University of Surrey. Her research focuses on social tourism and social sustainability in tourism and events.

Anya Diekmann is Professor of Tourism at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium. Her research focuses mainly on cultural tourism, urban ethnic and slum tourism as well as social tourism.

Chapter 1. Scott McCabe, Lynn Minnaert, and Anya Diekmann: Introduction to social tourism in Europe
Chapter 2. Lynn Minnaert, Anya Diekmann, and Scott McCabe: Definitions of social tourism and historical context
Chapter 3. Anya Diekmann, Scott McCabe and Lynn Minnaert: Current supply and demand factors
Chapter 4. Freya Higgins-Desbiolles: Resisting the hegemony of the market: Reclaiming the social capacities of tourism
Chapter 5. Gilles Caire: Social Tourism and the Social Economy
Chapter 6. Kevin Hannam: Mobilities and Social Exclusion: Towards a research agenda Chapter 7. Derek Hall and Frances Brown: The welfare society and tourism, European perspectives
Chapter 8. Liz Such and Tess Kay: The family factor in social tourism
Chapter 9. Gareth Shaw and Sheela Agarwal: Disability, Representation and Access to Tourism
Chapter 10. Christian Baumgartner : Social tourism and sustainability
Chapter 11. Scott McCabe, Anya Diekmann, Lynn Minnaert: Conclusions and emergent issues in social tourism policy and research agenda

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