Urban Destination Marketing in Contemporary Europe: Uniting Theory and Practice

Author: John Heeley

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This book aims to unite theory and practice in the field of destination marketing. It attempts to reconcile the gap between the academic literature on urban destination marketing and the manner in which it is actually undertaken by destination marketing organisations (DMOs). While analysing and critically assessing the current destination marketing paradigm, the author outlines the basis for a paradigm change. The new theory accommodates the anomalies and counter-instances associated with the existing paradigm and addresses the question of what in the future might best underpin urban DMO marketing operations. The book contains 21 in-depth interviews with senior DMO executives to allow practitioners to describe in their own words how they conduct their destination marketing activities.

If there is one quality that pervades the book, it is a practical, down to earth, feet on the ground common sense and as I come from an academic world of often arcane and esoteric theory, I find this book a breath of much needed fresh air.

This is a book that challenges the received understanding of the relationships between marketing, cities and tourism. By looking at current practice through a gaze sharpened by critical theories, Heeley is offering a different view of this crucial nexus and to the ways in which cities can drive tourism development.

Alan Clarke, University of Pannonia, Hungary

As a scientist and industry expert John Heeley understands the need to address city managers, urban planners and tourism practitioners, but also students in the field of marketing and tourism. This well-written book is a great contribution especially to any master program in this field. Lecturers will appreciate the richness of examples and practical insights.

Mike Peters, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

Urban Destination Marketing in Contemporary Europe is a detailed and informative, and at times provocative, discussion of the "wide and chronic gap" (p. 99) diagnosed by John Heeley between the implementation of marketing by destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and the theories, concepts and models
proposed by academics.

Tourism Analysis, Vol. 21, pp. 125–129

This is a timely, useful, and accessible text that could be valuable for academics interested in DMOs and place branding, and senior level practitioners in DMOs, as well as instructors interested in looking at DMO policy and marketing practices.

Annals of Tourism Research 55 (2015) 184–192

John Heeley runs his own business advising destination marketing organisations, universities and local government on the subject of urban destination marketing. He is also a visiting fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, where he teaches destination marketing and is developing associated industry links and research.

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Preface: Bradford, 1980-2014
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The practitioners - profiling the ubiquitous DMO
Chapter 3: Urban destination marketing operations
Chapter 4: A critique of the theory of marketing competitive advantage
Chapter 5: Towards a new 'middle-range' theory – the dynamics of urban destination marketing
Epilogue: Coventry, Millennium Eve 1999

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