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Jacket Image For: Linguistic Landscapes

Linguistic Landscapes

A Comparative Study of Urban Multilingualism in Tokyo

Jacket Image For: Language and Culture

Language and Culture

Global Flows and Local Complexity

Jacket Image For: Directions in Applied Linguistics

Directions in Applied Linguistics

Essays in Honor of Robert B. Kaplan

Jacket Image For: Language Decline and Death in Africa

Language Decline and Death in Africa

Causes, Consequences and Challenges

Jacket Image For: Cultural and Linguistic Policy Abroad

Cultural and Linguistic Policy Abroad

Italian Experience

Jacket Image For: Politeness in Europe

Politeness in Europe

Jacket Image For: Language in Jewish Society

Language in Jewish Society

Towards a New Understanding

Jacket Image For: Vernacular Palaver

Vernacular Palaver

Imaginations of the Local and Non-Native Languages in West Africa

Jacket Image For: Maintaining a Minority Language

Maintaining a Minority Language

A Case Study of Hispanic Teenagers

Jacket Image For: Medium or Message?

Medium or Message?

Language and Faith in Ethnic Churches