Linguistic Diversity and Language Rights

Series Editor:
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas (Åbo Akademi University, Vasa, Finland)
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Consulting Advisory Board:
François Grin, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Miklós Kontra, Károli Gáspár University, Budapest, Hungary
Robert Phillipson, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Reetta Toivanen, University of Helsinki, Finland

The series seeks to promote multilingualism as a resource, the maintenance of linguistic diversity, and development of and respect for linguistic human rights worldwide through the dissemination of theoretical and empirical research. The series encourages interdisciplinary approaches to language policy, drawing on sociolinguistics, education, sociology, economics, human rights law, political science, as well as anthropology, psychology, and applied language studies. Publications analysing successful attempts to promote linguistic diversity and theoretical analyses of alternative paradigms in conceptualising and implementing change in language policy are welcomed.

All books in this series are externally peer-reviewed.

Proposals are welcomed and should be sent to Tommi Grover. Please read our notes about how to submit a book proposal.

Series results


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Jacket Image For: Rejecting the Marginalized Status of Minority Languages

Rejecting the Marginalized Status of Minority Languages

Educational Projects Pushing Back Against Language Endangerment

Jacket Image For: A World of Indigenous Languages

A World of Indigenous Languages

Politics, Pedagogies and Prospects for Language Reclamation

Jacket Image For: The Multilingual Reality

The Multilingual Reality

Living with Languages

Jacket Image For: Why English?

Why English?

Confronting the Hydra

Jacket Image For: Towards Openly Multilingual Policies and Practices

Towards Openly Multilingual Policies and Practices

Assessing Minority Language Maintenance Across Europe

Jacket Image For: Revitalising Indigenous Languages

Revitalising Indigenous Languages

How to Recreate a Lost Generation

Jacket Image For: English Language as Hydra

English Language as Hydra

Its Impacts on Non-English Language Cultures

Jacket Image For: Illegitimate Practices

Illegitimate Practices

Global English Language Education

Jacket Image For: Regional Nationalism in Spain

Regional Nationalism in Spain

Language Use and Ethnic Identity in Galicia

Jacket Image For: Global Issues in Language, Education and Development

Global Issues in Language, Education and Development

Perspectives from Postcolonial Countries

Jacket Image For: Imagining Multilingual Schools

Imagining Multilingual Schools

Languages in Education and Glocalization

Jacket Image For: Medium or Message?

Medium or Message?

Language and Faith in Ethnic Churches